Taking in the View

We all get stuck.

We may call it different things. ‘Lost’, ‘frustrated’, ‘needing facilitation’, ‘needing some coaching’. Ultimately, we’re someplace we don’t want to be. We’ve hit a plateau personally, professionally, or both. Our all-star team isn’t performing like all-stars. We’ve finally encountered a challenge that, no matter what we do, we can’t overcome. We keep pushing, trying different fixes… and they don’t work. All our skills, our knowledge, our experience… suddenly isn’t enough.

Stuck is a frightening, frustrating, and depressing place. We all end up there from time to time. None of us want to stay there.

When we’re stuck, we need different perspective, from someone we trust. We need support in figuring out the real problem, and focusing on the right problem. We need new-to-us, effective, holistic solutions. We need someone to throw us a rope so we can climb out of stuck-ness.

Facilitated Transformation℠ Services support individuals and groups in getting un-stuck.  I bring multiple lenses, methods and philosophies to every engagement. These lenses are used to diagnose the real problem, and get laser-focused on the right problem. They’re used to design a systemic, sustainable, practical solution. They’re used to tailor each program to fit the people involved, the context, and the need.

Please enjoy your time looking through the site. Then, please contact me to speak more about the transformation you’re looking to make.